PostgreSQL 11.1,10.6,9.6.11,9.5.15,9.4.20 和 9.3.25 发布

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PostgreSQL 开发团队同时发布了对所有受支持版本的更新,包括 11.1、10.6、9.6.11、9.5.15、9.4.20 和 9.3.25 六个版本,修复了一个安全问题以及过去三个月报告的错误。


  • CVE-2018-16850: SQL injection in pg_upgrade and pg_dump, via CREATE TRIGGER ... REFERENCING.

Bug 修复和改进

其中有一些问题仅影响 PostgreSQL 11,但多数问题影响所有受支持的版本。

  • Ensure that automatically created child indexes are created in the same tablespace as the parent partitioned index

  • Fix several crashes with triggers

  • Fix problems with applying ON COMMIT DELETE ROWS to a partitioned temporary table

  • Fix how NULL values are handled when using LEFT JOIN with a parallelized hash join

  • Several fixes around using named or defaulted arguments in CALL statements

  • Fix for strict aggregate functions (i.e. aggregates that cannot accept NULL inputs) with ORDER BY columns that enforces the strictness check

  • Fix with CASE statements where an expression was cast to an array type

  • Disable an optimization for updating expression indexes in order to prevent a crash

  • Fix a memory leak that occurred on a specific case of using a SP-GiST index

  • Fix for pg_verify_checksums incorrectly reporting on files that are not expected to have checksums

  • Prevent the PostgreSQL server from starting when wal_level is set to a value that cannot support an existing replication slot

  • Ensure that the server will process already-received NOTIFY and SIGTERM interrupts before waiting for client input

  • Allow PL/Ruby to work with newer versions of PostgreSQL

  • Fix for character-class checks on Windows for Unicode characters above U+FFFF, which affected full-text search as well as contrib/ltree and contrib/pg_trgm

  • Fix a case where psql would not report the receipt of a message from a NOTIFY call until after the next command

  • Fix build problems on macOS 10.14 (Mojave)

  • Several build fixes for the Windows platform

值得注意的是,9.3.25 将是 PostgreSQL 9.3 的最终维护版本,该支线已 EOL ,将不再提供任何错误或安全修复。


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