gRPC-Java 1.15.1 正式发布,gRPC 的 Java 实现

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gRPC-Java 1.15.1 发布了。官方建议 OkHttp 用户进行升级,但如果没有看到下面提到的特定错误,那么应该不会受到太大影响。

Bug 修复

  • okhttp: settings acks back after apply settings before sending any data. Fixes #4809. If you are seeing "INTERNAL: Flow control error/nRst Stream", then you were likely impacted.

  • core: DnsNameResolver now caches SRV results. Fixes #4745. This makes it "safe" to experiment with -Dio.grpc.internal.DnsNameResolverProvider.enable_grpclb=true, which will become the default in the future. We encourage users to try out the option and report back issues, especially additional connecting latency, to #4898.


gRPC 是一个高性能、开源和通用的 RPC 框架,面向移动和 HTTP/2 设计。目前提供 C、Java 和 Go 语言版本,分别是:grpc, grpc-java, grpc-go. 其中 C 版本支持 C, C++, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, PHP 和 C#。

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